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Our Dogs

When Kristi started exploring the idea of starting our breeding kennel, we put together a list of top prioritized goals.  Although the eggs scramble differently genetically, we have been exceeding proud of the results so far and our vision has remained stalwart and consistent.  First of all, we want to produce Belgian Tervuren puppies who are healthy. loving, well-adjusted, and forever family companions.  Additionally, we strive to consistently mesh breed standards focusing on genetic health, steady temperament, and sound structure.  We want our puppies to be happy, healthy, and going to homes with loving, competent, patient care.

Moon and Shoo.JPG

With proper training, our puppies should have success in either or both the performance venues of your choice as well as conformation competitions.  Whatever the game, Tervs must have a job that makes them think, and they will enjoy doing almost anything with their people - as long as they can be active.

We personally enjoy conformation. obedience, agility, tracking, and herding - with different ones of our dogs excelling in different areas - but there are a ton of other options, and we encourage you to find something that both you and your dog will enjoy for many years.

(Right) Sashay winning her second major, being shown by her other mother, co-owner, Stacey Payne - quite a Christmas present.

Odin Tire.jpg

Whether Odin is jumping through tires in agility or Moon is herding sheep with mom Kristi in the field, our dogs love the opportunities to 'go to work'.

Sashay II.jpg
moon herding.jpg
taney tracking.jpg
cali winter.jpg

Michael most enjoys tracking with his dogs. (left) Taney finishing her TD and (below) a younger Shooter doing a 'sit 'N show me' during a tracking session. 

baby shooter tracking.jpg

Kristi with Cali, at twenty-eight months winning their second major to be followed by their third major and championship shortly after.

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