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Hello! Pleased to meet you.  We are Michael and Kristi Schreiber from Michigan.  We have owned and been captivated by Belgian Tervurens for over twenty-five years.  Infatuated by their regal beauty, incredible intelligence and perky playfulness, as well as versatility and work ethic, Tervs became the breed that  completely stole our hearts.  Our first, MAD-T, was the family pet, pal and protector for us and our four children.  After our youngest child left our home for college, our second Tervuren, Odin, entered our world. This addition ushered our move from the lake to our present residence in the middle of twenty wooded acres - hence our Forest House name.  The show ring bug bit Kristi hard, and she and Odin became a team in breed, agility, and obedience.  It snow balled into an avalanche after that. Since then, we have added herding, tracking, and other dog sport pursuits.  Eventually, after whelping our first litter, Michael also became enticed into competing with the claiming of his chosen puppy, Taney.  Now we have a total team effort.

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 All of our dogs share our home as house companions. They have free access to us 24/7.  Although it creates more vacuuming, their frequent antics generate innumerable laughs, amusement, and bonding snuggles to charm our days.  

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Our side and back yards are fenced providing our dog crew with protective boundaries to play unfettered throughout the changing Michigan seasons.  Multiple pet doors located in different areas of the house give the pack continuous access to the outdoors.

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Our puppy park provides a variety of physical stimulation for our litters as we follow the Puppy Culture protocols for raising confident puppies.  Obviously the park also burns off excess puppy energy.  The fenced area also doubles as our agility training field when without a litter.

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